Craig Eaton - Web Education Page

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Web Developer IT program graduate (June 2007) - creating a technical foundation for my professional Internet marketing/business expertise, which dates from the dawn of the Internet (1994).
SCCC offers the most comprehensive Web Development program in Washington State - and one of the only in the country - a barrage of hands-on programming and design.

Web Development classes taken since January 2006:

  • ITC298 Web 2.0 (Ajax, XML, RSS, custom API's)
  • ITC210 (Advanced Web Dev), MATH119 (Math for IT), NET120 (N+ Networking), ITC285 (Capstone Project)
  • ITC298 (ASP.NET with C#), ITC140 (Computer Hardware), ITC180 (IT Project Management)
  • ITC136 (Unix/Linux), WEB205 (Web Career Strategies), ITC216 (Perl/Apache/CGI, RSS feeds)
  • WEB130 (Dreamweaver), ITC222 (SQL, Database Design), ITC298 (XML Transformations SOAP/XSLT/WAP/WSDL, ASP.NET, Web Services)
  • WEB120 (Web Design II), WEB150 (JavaScript), ITC220 (SQL), ITC280 (PHP, MySQL)
  • WEB105 (Web Teams, Work Flow), WEB110 (Web Design I), ITC110 (C# Programming Intro)